Time to Track the “Experts”

10 10 2008

So now that I’m officially married. I theoretically have nothing to plan for or do. Thus, I figured it would be a really wise use of my time to track the fantasy ‘experts’ and try to determine if anyone is actually better than the average fantasy player or if they just have a soapbox. It seems to me that there is so much ‘vaguery’ and hedging for and against players that there’s no way anyone ends up creating any real separation between themselves and the other experts… but we’ll see. So, who should be on my short list of 5 fantasy experts who I subjectively investigate? Brandon Funston? Matthew Berry? Eric Karrabel? Warren Sapp? Sports Guy? Let us hear…




One response

14 10 2008

The trick is to blend your source work. In my non-humble opinion, none of these experts are hit or miss on everything item; so I form an average of opinions and go from there

And the fantasy experts tend to overlook the realities of professional sports as far as the season beginning drafts. It seemed that the can’t miss opinion was to take stars that had bad/no preseasons in football. I do not buy this logic at all and it seems that Peyton Manning (until last weekend), Tom Brady, Derek Anderson, L.T., Larry Johnson [to name a few] back me up on this theory.

I guess the thing is to be your own expert. And never ever draft Matt Hasselbeck.

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