Kawasaki Konjecture, May 4

4 05 2009

Every two weeks, I post the top ten ranked pitchers over the two-week period, in order to test the theory that in fantasy baseball, drafted starting pitchers have little added value over starters added off the waiver wire.

Here are the top 10 pitchers over the last two weeks, according to Baseball Monster, based on wins, strikeouts, ERA and WHIP:

  • Clay Condrey (RP)
  • Yovani Gallardo
  • Zack Greinke (his second appearance on this list)
  • Dan Haren
  • Felix Hernandez
  • Randy Johnson
  • Tim Lincecum
  • Ross Ohlendorf
  • Javier Vazquez
  • Edinson Volquez

Of these, four were early draft picks, four were late picks, and two went undrafted.


Draft Day Secrets Revealed–Kawasaki Konjecture

27 03 2009

The Kawasaki Konjecture, which I mentioned earlier, is a theory of starting pitching in fantasy baseball, which I’m attributing to my long-time co-manager Hurricane Kawasaki.

Hurricane summarizes in an email: Read the rest of this entry »