Need Advice for Upcoming Fantasy Draft

12 09 2008

My co-blogger isn’t writing any posts right now, because he’s planning his wedding, so I figured it’s a good time to ask him for some advice for my upcoming fantasy wedding draft.  I’m targeting certain people for some positions, but others I have no idea.  Here’s a breakdown:

Groom: Me (obviously)

Bride: It’s a 16-team league, and I’m the only guy, so usually I can wait till the end to fill this spot.  Last year, however, the one bisexual girl beat me to Natalie Portman, so I had to settle for Claire Danes.  Doh!  Hopefully this year Portman will slip to me late…it’s just not worth wasting a pick on a bride when everyone else is locking in key players in the other positions.

Groom’s parents: Last year I had Tommy Lee Jones and Nancy Pelosi, which was pretty decent, but I’m looking to upgrade in this position.  If Bill Cosby is still around in the second round, I’m probably picking him, though I might use him as father of the bride also.  I’m also intriged by the idea, recently pitched by the Stupendous Mr. Roto, about using Bono in this spot.

Bride’s parents: My top choices would be Obama and Meryl Streep, but chances are they’ll both be gone by my frist pick. (I pick 16th and then 25th)  I really like Bo Jackson as a sleeper.  Bo knows lots of cool people, so I’ll pick up a lot of guest list points here, although my media buzz may be down a little compared to some other choices.

Best Man: I’d be really happy with Matt Damon, except that he probably gets picked as a groom early on.  I remember back in 1998, a year after Good Will Hunting, Ben Affleck went in the second round, but Damon became my best man in the seventh!  Since then, Affleck’s been falling (Funston’s Big Board has him on the bubble) while Damon’s gone straight to the top (13 on the Big Board).  It’s fair to say I won’t be picking Affleck–I’d sooner take his brother Casey–but I’m not really sure who to target.  Is Will Smith still a good choice?

Entertainment: This pick is already deciced.  Every year I pick Jimmie Moore, my entire league derides me, other teams draft crappy DJs, and I do just fine.  Let me ask one simple question: Can your DJ move like this?

Drunken Relative/Black Sheep: Our league requires you to play at least one, but you can rack up major bonus points for playing extras in your utility spots.  I’m toying with the idea of inviting the disaster trio of Hilton, Spears and Lohan.  I’ve never heard of anyone trying an idea this crazy, but really…what’s the worst that can happen?

Photographer: No idea…I always just pick by the highest rating, but I lose a lot of points here.  I’m completely lost as to how to match a photographer to a guest list.

Menu option: Okay, this one always kills me.  Assuming that beef, chicken, fish and vegetarian go early, what do I do?  Seafood seems really risky.  What comes next?  Lamb stew?  Pork Tenderloin?  Meatloaf?  Vegan?  Assuming I don’t get one of my top four, I’d be tempted to just skip dinner and draft two desserts.

Any advice would be really appreciated.  Last year I finished 15th out of 16.


ProStars v2.0

10 09 2008

With Lance Armstrong unretiring, Roger Federer winning the US Open, and Tiger Woods set to return from injury next year, it looks like my dream cast for ProStars 2.0 may be set to continue its run.  Well actually, my dream cast involved Kobayashi in the peak of his awesomeness…maybe he and Chestnut will make some cameos.  Also, the original cast of Jordan, Gretzky and Bo Jackson should be involved as mentors for the new generation of crime-fighters, like in Batman Beyond.

I really just want to see what my co-blogger can do with the artwork here, after a solid job with the Varsity Patriots.  But since this is supposed to be a fantasy sports blog, I’ll mention that if I were to use athletes from fantasy sports as the Prostars, which I shouldn’t, since no one is as dominant in their sport as the original trio, I’d go with LaDainian Tomlinson, Chris Paul and Albert Pujols.