Fantasy Jose Canseco League

18 06 2009

Jose Canseco simply cannot stay out of the news.  Anyone interested in a pool to bet on the next time Jose Canseco makes himself newsworthy?


Jose Canseco Fails to Steal Gold Coins

28 05 2009

Jose Canseco’s Mixed Martial Arts fight, which I broke down earlier, is now complete.  Video here–skip ahead to the 5:20 mark for the start of the fight.  See below for commentary, but watch the video first. Read the rest of this entry »

Jose Canseco to Fight 7-Foot Korean Dude!

1 05 2009

Okay, huge, huge news.  The age-old question of who would win in a fight, Jose Canseco, or a Korean 7-footer, will be answered.  For me, this ranks slightly higher than resolving the battle between forty midget wrestlers and a lion, and slightly lower than resolving who would win if a fight between Bruce Lee and God.

All I can say is, holy crap!

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Fantasy murder

24 02 2009

Jose Canseco seeks Revenge on YOU!

Former baseball player Ron Kittle thinks someone’s gonna try to off Jose Canseco because he wrote a book exposing rampant steroids usage in baseball.

“My first thought was: ‘I wonder who’s going to be the first one to shoot him,’ ” Kittle said Monday. “I still think somebody who might have had their life ruined might take vengeance on him. If I were [Canseco], I would think about that.”

Ummm, what?  If there’s an idea worse than taking steroids, it’s trying to kill Jose Canseco.  I mean, have you seen the guy?  How do you shoot Jose Canseco in the back?  What happens if you miss?  And what happens if you shoot the wrong Canseco?  You do not take revenge on Jose Canseco.  Jose Canseco takes revenge on you.