Jose Canseco Fails to Steal Gold Coins

28 05 2009

Jose Canseco’s Mixed Martial Arts fight, which I broke down earlier, is now complete.  Video here–skip ahead to the 5:20 mark for the start of the fight.  See below for commentary, but watch the video first.

Up against a 7’2 Korean giant, Jose Canseco looks TINY.  He spends most of the match dancing around the octagon, and indeed appears quick and nimble, which is pretty ridiculous.  Eventually, Canseco falls down–I can’t tell whether Hong Man Choi pushes him over, or he just falls on his own–and the giant jumps on him and pummels him.  Fight over.

Hopefully, Canseco will climb the beanstalk back into the ring soon.  The world needs a champion.  And that champion is Jose Canseco.




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