Fantasy Baseball MVP

28 05 2009

With the first quarter of the season complete, both my fantasy baseball teams sit in first place.  I wouldn’t say comfortably in first–in one league we’re tied for first–but I wouldn’t say uncomfortably either.  It’s like the teams are sitting on a futon.

Interestingly, the two teams have only one player in common and, given that both are in first place, this player is clearly the key to my early success*.  So, congratulations to my 1st quarter MVP: batting .216, with 9 homers, 1 steal, 32 RBIs, 21 Runs, and a 0.778 OPS, Mr. Dan Uggla.

*note: this post is meant to be sarcastic.  Uggla is not the key to our success; he’s been highly mediocre.  The true key to success has been my and Hurricane’s awesomeness.




2 responses

28 05 2009

I started to Google “Dan Uggla,” and you know how there are suggestions about what keywords to add after “Dan Uggla?”

Well, the first suggestion, before “Dan Uggla contract” “Dan Uggla arbitration” “Dan Uggla yahoo,” and even “Dan Uggla stats” was “Dan Uggla wife.” Of course, I checked it out, and there’s a webpage dedicated to whether or not he has a girlfriend:

My favorite comment: “dan uggla is hot. he goes to my church. he said hi to me, it was special. “

28 05 2009

Besides Jose Canseco-related searches, which account for like 90% of this blog’s traffic, a lot of viewers show up from girlfriend related searches, particularly “laurence maroney girlfriend” and “lawrence maroney girlfriend”. Given that I’ve only written one post using the word girlfriend, which was our first post, back in September, I find this a little weird.

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