“Streaming Catchers” viable?

19 05 2009

So I noticed that in the league that we play in, most owners are already in the hole when it comes to games played for catchers. The only owners who aren’t “in the red,” are the owners who have 2 catchers or have Victor Martinez. More specifically, I noticed it first for myself and have been trying to figure out how to ‘make up’ those games. So, how do you do that?

First off, the reason a deficit occurs is because even the most resiliant catchers don’t catch EVERY game. Victor Martinez is going to be the exception here since on days he doesn’t catch, he’s definitely still in teh lineup either at 1B or DH (reason #55 why I should’ve drafted him in the 3rd round when I debated between JJ Hardy and him. JJ Hardy being JJ Hardy was the first 54 reasons btw). The other important thing to note is that catchers often catch for a specific pitcher. So, for example (not a real example) for the Twins, Joe Mauer will catch 4 of the 5 starters and Mike Redmond catches for 1 of them. It’s probably a 3/2 split right now for the Twins due to Mauer’s coming back from an injury, but he DHs whenever he’s not catching. Again, not many catchers like that.

So knowing that the majority of owners will slowly bleed games and thus stats for this position, I did a quick search to see if I could figure out what catchers are matched with which pitchers. I couldn’t find squat on this. Granted, it’s taken me longer to write these 3 paragraphs than I spent time searching, but is this something that should be utilized? There are days off, but really, unless you’re carrying 2 catchers, how often does a day off really align with a free roster spot? Shouldn’t there be a ‘catcher probables’ list out there for me to take advantage of? Especially since I’ve got mediocre catchers right now, I need to take full advantage of maximizing the roto position, right?

Thoughts? Anyone want to do this for me? I’m too lazy to compile it…




One response

20 05 2009

Pablo Sandoval and Brandon Inge are other catcher options that play a lot of games, mostly at other positions. Streaming catchers is doable but difficult. If you figure out when your starter’s day off is, or just wait for when they’re not playing, you can pick up another catcher, possibly using a spot that you normally stream pitchers with. Part of the problem, though, is that the catchers available on the wire aren’t particularly good, and adding their stats for a couple dozen games won’t help all that much.

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