Kawasaki Konjecture, May 18

18 05 2009

Every two weeks, I post the top ten ranked pitchers over the two-week period, in order to test the theory that in fantasy baseball, drafted starting pitchers have little added value over starters added off the waiver wire.

This week’s top ten, from Baseball Monster:

  • Early draft picks: Roy Halladay, C.C. Sabathaia, Jake Peavy
  • Late draft picks: Justin Verlander, Johnny Cueto, Zack Greinke
  • Undrafted: Matt Harrison, Rick Porcello, Jered Weaver, Wandy Rodriguez

Greinke is notable in that he’s made this list for each of the first three two-week periods, while Halladay has made the list twice .  Porcello is interesting in that he went undrafted in one of my leagues, while in the other he was drafted and then dropped.  Weaver and Rodriguez went undrafted in one league, while in the other they were drafted and held.

The most interesting player on the list, however, is Matt Harrison, who’s the second best starter over the last two weeks (three starts) and yet, is unowned in both my leagues.  Hurricane, if you’re reading this, should we add him?  Why/why not?  Anyone else reading this, will you add him?  Why/why not?




2 responses

19 05 2009

i just added him in this league, ironically. Not really good at streaming, but I have so many innings to make up already.

20 05 2009

Hurricane’s having trouble posting comments from Japan, but here are his thoughts:

“we prob do not want him — two starts against the woeful chisox and seattle do not tell me much…but i may want him based on some matchups”

It got me thinking, it be useful to keep track of opponent-independent fantasy stats, where you factor out the opposing team/pitchers, ballpark effects, etc.

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