Jose Canseco to Fight 7-Foot Korean Dude!

1 05 2009

Okay, huge, huge news.  The age-old question of who would win in a fight, Jose Canseco, or a Korean 7-footer, will be answered.  For me, this ranks slightly higher than resolving the battle between forty midget wrestlers and a lion, and slightly lower than resolving who would win if a fight between Bruce Lee and God.

All I can say is, holy crap!

My first instinct is to give Canseco about a 97% chance of winning, but I need to learn more about this Hong Man Choi dude.  Maybe he has the Korean equivalent of Canseco’s awesomeness.  Maybe he’s like also a rapper or something.  Maybe he has an identical twin brother, Ozzie Man Choi.  Maybe he’s teamed up with a supermodel as a singing duo.  Maybe he’s 7’2.  Maybe he helped expose a major steroids scandal in Taekwondo.  All these things would make him more awesome, and much more likely to defeat Canseco in a fight.

Jose Canseco-related searchers have been a major driver of traffic to Youlikeadajuice, even though I only posted up him once before.  I’m not sure who all you Jose Canseco searchers are, but I hope you like this site, and will try to make it a continuous source of Jose Canseco news updates and analysis.  If you leave a Canseco-related question in the comments, I’ll be sure to address it in a future post.  Sample questions include:

  • Who would win in a fight, Jose Canseco, or a 7-foot Korean dude?
  • Why is Jose Canseco so awesome?
  • Is Jose Canseco awesome?
  • Can I ask a question that isn’t about Jose Canseco?
  • Why don’t you rename the Jon Barry All-Stars as the Jose Canseco All-Stars?
  • Is Hurricane Kawasaki actually just a nickname for Jose Canseco?
  • This blog sucks.  I want to fight you.  PS, my name is Jose Canseco.



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