I Drink From the Cup of Stanley

13 04 2009

The NHL playoffs are just about to open, but fantasy hockey is over, and in my first season, I’ve won my league.  My strategy of drafting goalies early paid off, with my two backstops Evgeni Nabakov and Niklas Backstrom each having a shutout and strong overall numbers in the final matchup.  In the final, I won all four goalie categories, plus goals and penalty minutes, and a tie in shots on goal, for a 6-3-1 victory. On the season, I was 56-23-17 in the four goalie categories and 63-52-9 in the skater categories, so my edge pretty clearly came from the goalies.

I look forward to next year, when I expect more managers to pick goalies sooner–I’ve been talking about it a lot, and some of them read this blog.  The managers that is, not the goalies.  If any readers are interested in fantasy hockey, chime in and I can probably get you into the league next year–we’ll be evicting a fair number of deadbeat managers.




One response

27 05 2009
Greg Gibeault

Congrats on the victory. I’m in for next year if you have a slot. Unfortunately no more FIO as you may have noticed.

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