Jon Barry All-Stars, Mar. 30

30 03 2009

Each week I look at the top players available in my fantasy basketball league to determine the Jon Barry All-stars, named after waiver wire favorite Jon Barry. At year’s end, the player earning the most Jon Barry points will be named Jon Barry MVP.

Last week set an all-time high for traffic, beating our debut week back in September 2008.  Da juice is good,  yeah?

Not sure who you all are, but I hope you’re enjoying the site.  Feel free to drop a comment if you have a request, question, or, uhhh, comment.

This week, Matt Bonner cements his status as favorite for Jon Barry MVP, with his top competitor dropping out of the top 5.  This week’s list (total points on the season):

  • Matt Bonner (9.5)
  • Chris Duhon (1.8)
  • Rasual Bulter (0.8)
  • Udonis Haslem (4.0)
  • Delonte West (2.2)



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