Two beers and a dozen Victorino jokes later…

24 03 2009

My fantasy baseball season has begun.  Downed a couple beers, fired up this year’s version of The Model and my co-manager’s notes and entered the draft room.

This is a 10 team 6×6 rotisserie keeper league where last year, in its debut season,  I finished 3rd.  The extra categories are OPS and IP.  Quite happy with the draft, even though twice Yahoo! made selections for me without my knowing until like five picks later.  My strategy imvolved not drafting speed–much easier to pull off in a 6×6 league than 5×5–and not drafting starting pitching due to the Kawasaki Konjecture.  I’ll explain that in more detail in a later post, but basically, before the draft my co-manager Hurricane Kawasaki, to whom I defer on all matters pitching, offers up this gem:

Starting pitching; I could care less.  Almost all of them are getting dropped anyway.  Target middle of the rotation, young pitchers in organizations that are sane (that does not include the likes of the M’s, the O’s, the Tigers, etc.)

The highlight of the draft came when someone drafted Shane Victorino with the second pick after keepers.  The Model values guys a little differently than most experts, so I didn’t see Victorino anywhere near the top–he was my 33rd highest ranked outfielder.  I immediately started taunting the manager, and continued quite relentlessly, regularly asking if Victorino was available before I made my picks.  I also yoinked uber-prospect Matt Wieters from two managers who wanted him, right before they each got two picks.  Wieters is being projected to appear on the Wheaties box so many times that they change its name to Wheaters.  The other guy I got I’m really digging is Pablo Sandoval.  Projected as the Giants’ starting first-baseman, he qualifies at catcher, meaning he’ll likely end up playing 150 games, unlike most catchers, who only play 120 or so.  Also, he qualifies at first and third, so he can serve as emergency backup.

I realize I’m giving away some draft secrets here, but that’s okay, because no one reads this blog anyway, especially long posts.  Wait, my co-blogger and I play in a fantasy baseball league that hasn’t drafted yet.  Nope, that doesn’t matter either, because my co-blogger doesn’t read the blog either.




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24 03 2009

duly noted. 🙂 My research for this year begins at home… now with a dash of the The Golden Model.

24 03 2009

i agree with hurricane. i think it’s better to go all RP, middle relief 8th inning guys who can steal a couple of wins for you while keeping WHIP, ERA, K’s up. The best ones are those who qualify for both SP and RP.

If you invest in 1 maybe 2 solid SPs, you should be set.

my two cents…and i do follow your blog. =)


25 03 2009

Well it seems we do have readers after all.

Leonard, I think the strategy you describe is a little different…I’ll explain in a future post on the Kawasaki Konjecture.

Co-blogger, as my high school football coach always said, “It’s one thing to know what they’re gonna do. It’s another to stop it.”

27 03 2009
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28 03 2009
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