Fantasy TV Network

18 03 2009

I remember Bill Simmons linking to a draft where four guys from ESPN drafted all the TV Networks.  I’d be interested in setting up a draft where each participant, acting as a TV Network, drafts individual series, special events, etc.  It would have to be continuous, with a new draft each time another batch of shows gets released.  Categories would include comedy, episodic drama, serial drama, and reality TV series and scoring could include total viewership, prime-time viewership, key demographics, and number of montages (hint: pick CSI:Miami and Cold Case)

I know that hollywood stock exchange already exists, but it occurs to me that fantasy leagues really are quite like TV networks.  Most shows pitch to all the networks, and there’s essentially an auction to see who gets which shows.  Each season, networks cut the shows that are underperforming to speculate on new ones.  The only difference is that shows almost never get canceled and then picked up by another network, or canceled and then uncanceled.

From my perspective, NBC’s decision to give Jay Leno 5 hours a week of prime time looks like they realized they weren’t getting anywhere by speculating (compare to CBS, ABC, FOX) and just plugged in a whole lot of Jon Barry.




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