You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose…

11 03 2009

…and now you can draft your facebook friends.

My friend Joe and I, having previously drafted fantasy civil war teams, have been talking for over a month about holding a draft of our 80 mutual facebook friends.  Last weekend, we had a bunch of beers and starting making picks.  The criteria we used was awesomeness.  Whoever drafted more awesome people won, and we’d be left to argue afterwards about who’d won.  This is pretty similar to our civil war draft.

After the draft, I evaluated our teams along seven variables: business, science, artist, academic, sports, hot girls and bro factor.  I have myself winning 5 of 7 categories–everything except science and academic–but Joe is contesting bro factor.  I’m allowing him to propose new categories of evaluation, but for now it looks like he got all the nerdy and I got all the awesome.




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