What does goblin taste like?

5 03 2009

I have a question a little outside the scope of this blog, but hear me out.  Goblins are creatures that appear in fantasy novels, movies, etc.  They’re often hunted, and hunting is a sport.  Therefore, anything having to do with goblins has to do with fantasy sports.  Right?  Right?  Is this thing on?

Anyway, I’ve been wondering about what goblins might taste like.  And would they even be healthy.  Also other mythical creatures like unicorn.  And would it be immoral to eat non-human creatures that talk, like elves or centaurs?

If anyone has any idea, leave a comment.  And if you don’t enjoy posts like this and want me to post more about Jon Barry, you can leave that comment.  And if you want to know about goblins named Jon Barry, well, I probably can’t help you.




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