Jon Barry All-Stars, Feb. 24

24 02 2009

Each week I look at the top players available in my fantasy basketball league to determine the Jon Barry All-stars, named after waiver wire favorite Jon Barry.  At year’s end, the player earning the most Jon Barry points will be named Jon Barry MVP.

I’m making a change to the system I use to determine the Jon Barry All-Stars.  Too many injured players are appearing in the top 5 available players list; this week, Al Jefferson, Jason Terry and Andrew Bynum make the list, and none of them are Jon Barry All-Stars.  Had I tracked this list throughout the season, these injured players probably wouldn’t matter, but at this point they’re creating problems.  Jon Barry was memorable because he was always available to pick up, healthy (this isn’t actually true), and mediocre.

From now on, injured players, as defined by the Yahoo! little red health box, will be omitted from the Jon Barry All-Stars.  The top five ranked, non-injured players will comprise the list.  Also, I’m going to assign players points based on where they are on the list.  First receives 1 point, second 0.9, third 0.8, fourth 0.7, fifth 0.6.  I’m pulling a Nate Silver, tweaking my model, and going back to recalculate players’ scores.  Here are the new rankings (the results of the model):

This week’s rankings (total score):

  • Jamario Moon (3.0)
  • Matt Bonner (4.6)
  • James Posey (4.3)
  • Udonis Haslem (1.3)
  • Erick Dampier (1.2)



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