The Real Roids in MLB

18 02 2009

This is a guest-post from Nathan Elias.  It has been left unedited for three reasons: 1) Blogs don’t need editing; 2) the author is exposed as a Canadian–haha, Canadian; and 3) one of the typos is pretty hilarious.

My brother asked me a simple question: could I marry a Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees fan? My answer was an immediate no. When asked if I could marry a Colorado Rockies or Arizona Diamondbacks fan I answered yes. This seemed odd. As a Cubs fan, shouldn’t I be more open to embracing a team in a different league? That’s when I realized just how prejudice I am towards the American League. I hate the DH and everything it stands for. The DH essentially teaches kids that defence in baseball doesn’t matter and as long as you can hit, you will succeed in support. In many ways the DH is very similar to steroids; the end result are more dingers for the fans. Sure drugs are bad, illegal and soil the sanctity of the sport, but doesn’t the DH affect the integrity of the sport also? People always talk smack about gateway drugs like weed leading to more dangerous drugs like cocaine. Well I propose that the DH is gateway cheating that will eventually lead to greater perversions of the game. How many years before the creation of the DR (designated runner) or the DF (designated fielder). I say we put the DH experiment to rest. It’s as wacky an idea as communism and it’s time for the sport to stand up for democracy! The NL has 16 teams and the AL has 14: We win.




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