Jon Barry All-Stars, Feb. 16

16 02 2009

Each week I look at the top 5 players available in my fantasy basketball league to determine the Jon Barry All-stars, named after waiver wire favorite Jon Barry.  At year’s end, the player appearing most often in this list will be named Jon Barry MVP.

Another big drop shifts the race, while the leading candidates narrow to two.  This week’s five (total appearances on the list in parentheses):

Al Jefferson (1), Jamario Moon (2), Andrew Bynum (2), Matt Bonner (4), James Posey (4).

As expected, injured Delonte West falls out of the top 5.  Injured Jefferson is dropped and will probably remain on the list through the year, since he’s already put up strong enough numbers to give him good value for the season.  This makes me a little nervous, as the purpose of the Jon Barry MVP award is to recognize an active player who’s just not quite good enough to get added, but nonetheless hangs out atop the waiver wire all season.  Had I been keeping track all season, Jefferson would have no chance to win the award, and as it stands, I see Bonner and Posey as much likelier options, but I wonder whether I need to tweak the system so as to omit injured players.  For now the list stands.




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