Super Bowl Summary

2 02 2009

Congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals, who defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday in the Super Bowl.  The Cardinals were led by Kurt Warner (377Yds-3TD-1INT) and Larry Fitzgerald (127Yds-2TD) who outperformed Steelers stars Ben Roethlisberger (256-1-1) and Santonio Holmes (131-1) by a total of 20 fantasy points.

Wait, what you say?  The Super Bowl isn’t determined by fantasy points?  The Steelers won the game?  Huh.

Other interesting notes:

  • In case you didn’t hear, the game was reported on by Larry Fitzgerald’s father, F. Scott Fitzgerald, who decided to write an article on The Great Dansby.
  • My vote for Steelers’ MVP is Mike Gandy, who successfully ended three Cardinals drives.
  • My vote for overall MVP is…wait for it…this guy.



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