Fantasy Hockey update, plus a curious observation

27 01 2009

Fantasy hockey expert Greg Gibeault recently posted a comment on youlikeadajuice.  (Well, not so recently actually…sorry Greg, we’ve been busy.)  He requested an update on my Gibeault-approved fantasy hockey strategy of drafting two goalies early.  Well, Greg, here’s your update:

My team sits in first place with and 85-45-20 record, fifteen points ahead of the team in second place.  Admittedly, it’s not a very competitive league; of the twelve teams, only five have checked in 2009.  I managed to overcome my disadvantage at the forward positions (my first four picks were goalies and defenders) by picking up Mikko Koivu, Jiri Hudler, Bobby Ryan and Kris Versteeg.

My head-to-head record breaks down as follows:

  • In 6 skater categories (Goals, Assists, +/-, Penalty Minutes, Power-play points, shots on goal), I’m 47-33-1.
  • In 4 goalie categories (Wins, Goals-Against Average, Save Percentage), I’m 36-11-11.

So in other words, the Gibeault-approved strategy of drafting two goalies early seems like a winner.

I have one other observation: there seem to be plenty of solid forwards available on the waiver wire, but no defensemen.  The highest rated defender on the season who’s available is Fedor Tyutin; Yahoo!’s rates 32 forwards higher than Tyutin.  This could be because Yahoo!’s player rater is bad, or because of the strange nature of the league I’m in.  Or it could say that defensemen are undervalued in the draft and that you need to draft four good ones to make sure you don’t get stuck.




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