The Jon Barry All-Stars, Jan. 26

26 01 2009

Current TV analyst Jon Barry is famous for four things.

  1. Son of Rick Barry, the guy who shot free-throws underhanded.
  2. Brother of Brent Barry, the only white guy to win the slam-dunk contest.
  3. Looks suspiciously like Sasha Baron Cohen, enough so to make me think there may some day be a Jon Barry movie where he does fake interviews with NBA players.
  4. For years, he was always the best player to not get picked up in my fantasy leagues.  Whenever I’d search for players to add, he’d always be there, but I’d never pick him up.  He’d end the year as a top 125 player, which should be good enough for a roster spot in a 12-team league with 14 players per team, but no one would make the move, because he was, well, Jon Barry.

Barry’s retired now, so it’s time to find a suitable heir.  Each week I’ll post the top 5 players available in my hoops league; at the end of the year, the player appearing most often will win the Jon Barry fantasy MVP award.

Here’s today’s top 5:

Delonte West, James Posey, Matt Bonner, Steve Blake, Ronny Turiaf

West and Blake are recent injury-related drops and are likely to win the Jon Barry MVP.  If they stay hurt, they drop in value and fall off the list; if they recover, someone will add them.  Posey has chance, though he could get picked up.  Turiaf is a blocks specialist (2.1 per game) and may get picked up by a team desperate for blocks, such as mine.  If I had to guess, I’d say right now Matt Bonner is the player most likely to become the Jon  Barry MVP.




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