Fantasy basketball update

17 11 2008

Here are the things that went wrong with my fantasy basketball team this year:

1) I missed the draft.  I knew this was going to happen, because I was in Italy at the time, so I cleverly arranged for my co-manager to draft instead.  This was a risky decision, because my co-manager is kinda crazy with regard to drafting and can go way off book.  I entered in some pre-rankings and told him to stick to the script we’d discussed.  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), Yahoo! doesn’t allow co-managers to draft, so with me in Italy and my co-manager in Japan unable to draft, we were stuck with the pre-rankings I’d put in, which didn’t match our script (I figured my co-manager would correct).  I can’t really understand Yahoo! autodraft–at one point it picked Rip Hamilton ahead of Peja Stojakovic even though a) we had Peja ranked higher, b) Yahoo!’s rankings had Peja higher and c) Peja qualifies at both shooting guard (Rip’s one position) and another position, small forward.

2) In the fourth round, we picked Mike Dunleavy, who would have been a good pick, except that he’s injured, no one seemed to have known that before the draft, and no one seems to know why he’s hurt or when he’s coming back.  There’s no news on his condition anywhere.  We dropped him.

3) In the seventh round, we picked Anthony Carter, who would have been a good pick, except that a week into the season the Iverson-Billups trade erased all his value.  We dropped him.

4) Haven’t had any waiver-wire pickups that are that strong.  Some seem solid: Marc Gasol, Steve Blake, Anderson Varejao, Anthony Morrow.  No one crazy good.

Anyway, we’re currently in second place, in striking distance of first.  What does this mean?  My league is full of suckas!




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