We’re not experts

23 09 2008

I play in a 12-team fantasy football league with my co-blogger.  We’re currently both 0-3, good for 11th and 12th place.  We also play together in a 14-team fantasy baseball league.  We’re currently in 13th and 14th place.  So when our tagline reads, “special insights into fantasy sports”, we mean Special Olympics special.

In defense of my football team, during my week 2 loss, I put up the second most points by any team in any week so far this season.  It just happened that I played against the guy who had the highest point total through three weeks.  In week 3, I lost 76.41-72.84, not exactly a drubbing.  In defense of my baseball team, I got hit pretty hard by injuries.  Also, my team dropped Jason Bay early on, due to miscommunication with my co-manager.  (Not my co-blogger mind you, totally different dude.  Well, they’re both Asian.  But that shouldn’t even matter…they’re from different Asian countries, so they’re totally different.  Also, my co-manager’s pretty little, while my co-blogger’s a fairly big dude…not this big, definitely not this big.

This upcoming weekend will be very exciting, as my co-blogger and I square off to see who remains winless.  There can be only one.  This matchup will take place while I’m attending my co-blogger’s wedding, putting me at a severe disadvantage, since I’ll be busy all weekend with wedding festivities.




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