Yahoo! Mock Draft

22 09 2008

I found this fantasy basketball mock draft from back in July and it seems considerably better than the ESPN draft kit I linked to earlier.  Looks like the secret’s out on Marcus Camby and Caron Butler, two huge-value guys I had last year.  Camby was #3 in my rankings last year, but no one else had him ranked highly, so I waited till the end of the second round to pick him.  Probably won’t be repeating that strategy, at least not if Justin Phan’s in my league.  Steve Nash and Dwyane Wade are both considerably lower than in the ESPN rankings, although I still probably pass on both where they’re going.  This may have to do with ESPN not counting turnovers while Yahoo! does.  I’m more familiar with the Yahoo! format.

It’s a bit interesting that the commentators write a paragraph explaining each pick.  Journalistically, it makes, but from a strategy perspective, my justification for most my picks would be: “That’s what my model says to do.”  Or else just fill that space with jokes, like this: Marcus Camby averaged 3.6 blocks per game last year–1.8 with his left hand and 1.8 with his right hand.  That’s because he’s Cambidextrous.  Also, I’d make up nicknames.  I’d refer to Caron Butler as CButs.

I haven’t done any modeling yet on the upcoming NBA season, so all my kvetching about the experts is somewhat unfounded.  Indeed 9-10 may be too early to draft Camby and CButs.  But it’s good to at least see some dissonance between ESPN and Yahoo!, in contrast to the strong internal consistency in ESPN’s rankings.




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30 09 2008

just came across this. thanks for the shout out.

y! ranks are out:

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