Reasons to get excited about Fantasy Hockey

17 09 2008

I’m strongly considering starting a fantasy hockey league this year, even though I know almost nothing about who’s good in hockey right now.  Of the top 10 players on Matt Romig’s Big Board, I would have recognized 5 as hockey players.  Nonetheless, hockey’s a cool sport, the Blackhawks are a possible playoff team, so it’s time to, in the words of EA Sports NHLPA ’93, “Get in the game!”  Speaking of NHLPA ’93, at least one player from that game is on Romig’s Board–Nik Lidstrom at 13.  I’m pretty sure that #6 Brodeur, #32 Osgood and #33 Kovalev were added for ’94, along with Mats Sundin, who’s on the bubble.  Think about the keeper league ramifications.  Lidstrom looks like he’s been a fantasy stud for about 17 seasons, and still going strong.  That’s ridiculous!

Other reasons to appreciate Fantasy Hockey

  • Romig has both two players on the bubble: Nicklas Backstrom and Niklas Backstrom.  I figured it was a typo, but it turns out they’re actually two different dudes.  One’s a goalie, one’s a center, but they’re both almost good enough to crack Romig’s top 50.  That’s ridiculous!
  • Penalty minutes count as a stat in fantasy hockey, but unlike in basketball where turnovers count against you, fantasy hockey counts penalties as a positive stat.  You need to draft your team so as to have a sufficient number of goons.  That’s ridiculous!



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